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Student stories of exploring New Zealand

Disaster Risk and Emergency Management: National Expedition

The first week in New Zealand was a very invigorating experience. I arrived on Sunday to be able to get a feel for New Zealand before the expedition began. The first night I spent here, I met up with a... Continue Reading →


Communication & Marketing Internship 2018: Rainy Day Wellington

We're officially halfway through our internships and feeling like true Wellingtonians. Wanting to explore the city after work and on the weekends has proved a bit challenging when the weekend is full of horizontal rain! Thankfully there are plenty of... Continue Reading →

Communication & Marketing Expedition 2018: Week 2

Our expedition has come and gone! Some of us are happy to have a routine as we enter the New Zealand workplace, while others are craving the nomad life and the long drives through the country every day. We spent... Continue Reading →

Communication & Marketing Expedition 2018: First Days

Kia ora! The communication & marketing students have arrived in New Zealand. We are officially on day 5 of our expedition of this beautiful country and we are loving it. My name is Alexis Whitted and I will be the... Continue Reading →

Agriculture & Environment Expedition 2018: Mt. Nicholas Sheep Station

Kia Ora! Group pic (silly faces)One of our first visits here in New Zealand was spending the night at Mt. Nicholas sheep station near Queenstown. We hopped on a Southern Discoveries boat Wednesday morning and zoomed across lake Wakatipu to... Continue Reading →

Agriculture & Environment Expedition 2018: Introduction

Hello/ kia ora from New Zealand!! My name is Nicole Cookson and I am a student participating in this year's Agriculture and the Environment track. I am so excited to be here learning and exploring places I have only dreamed... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: So Much More than a Farm

By Gigi Holst, Montana State University Hohepa is a community non-profit farm and residence who's motto is, "every life fully lived". This doesn't strike most people as the slogan of a farm, which is what makes it so interesting. This... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: Exploring Ruahine Forest Park

By Emily Cordell, Northwestern Missouri State University¬† After a suggestion from a coworker, Sam, Andy and I decided to make the hike up to Sunrise Hut in Ruahine Forest Park on Friday, 23 June. With a steep, two-hour hike in... Continue Reading →

Continuing Our Journey As Temporary Kiwis

On June 18th, our group decided to get up before the sun and drive to the beach to catch the sunrise. Though, it was not just any sunrise, it was the first sunrise in the entire world. Gisborne, New Zealand... Continue Reading →

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