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Student stories of exploring New Zealand

Could you be a Kiwi?

There are three types of "kiwi" in the New Zealand: Kiwi the fruit, Kiwi the bird, and Kiwi the people. Do not get confused! If you say I ate a kiwi someone might look at you funny. You should say... Continue Reading →


Moo-ving On: Finishing the Expedition

On June 7 and June 8, the Agriculture and Environment students traveled to their last stops of the expedition. We stopped at two Massey University research farms in the North Island. Our focus was learning about pastoral farming, the research... Continue Reading →

Exploring New Zealand with New Friends

On June 12th, roughly thirty people from all of the states came together with the common interest of wanting to explore New Zealand and gain internship experience. Each of us comes from a different background and have different experiences but... Continue Reading →

Hey everyone!

Hey guys! I'm Jeanine. I'm from Greenville, South Carolina, but I've been living in Charleston, South Carolina for the last few years. I am currently studying marketing at the College of Charleston. I chose to participate in this program because... Continue Reading →

90’s Kids for the Win

June 16th Another roadside attraction thanks to our Haka Tours tour guide, a play ground! Immediately all nostalgia was brought back for these 20-24 year olds! Everyone had so much fun playing on the facilities all the way from wiping... Continue Reading →

“I’m on a Boat”

June 15th Our #NZexplorers traveled on the Interislander Ferry to get from the South Island to the north island where the rest of the expedition will take place! One explorer Julia Morris an up-and-coming Junior at Point Park in Pennsylvania... Continue Reading →

Worth It

June 15 Early start to a long day, it was on the bus ready to go by 6:50 for our #NZexplorers Luckily the reason for our early embark was to quickly stop for another amazing roadside attraction found thanks to... Continue Reading →

The Royalist of Flushes

In seems in New Zealand you only go to the bathroom when you're absolutely about to pop! The highlight for today is definitely the Singing Toilet! I don't know if you've ever timed yourself with how long you spend in... Continue Reading →

Gap Filler

Our first days in New Zealand were filled with moments of bonding and inspiration as we sat in awe of this new country spread out before us. We first stayed in the city of Christchurch, and our visit consisted of... Continue Reading →

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