June 16th
Another roadside attraction thanks to our Haka Tours tour guide, a play ground!
Immediately all nostalgia was brought back for these 20-24 year olds! Everyone had so much fun playing on the facilities all the way from wiping out on the giant hampered wheel to swinging around on tires!

A great break from the 10 hour bus ride we had to embark on yesterday, getting all the way from Wellington to Gisborne. The entire way it was 90’s music and it had the entire bus belting the words!

Another featured #NZexplorer is Fay, she is 20 years old and an up-and-junior.

She is on the Creative Expression and Digital Media track and she majors in Writing and Publishing in Design.
She decided to take up photography after a class to have a better understanding of it to help go into her main aspiration: magazine editing.
She’s been doing photography for around 5 months now and her favorite thing to photograph is people. When asked why she said: “Sometimes you capture something beautiful in them and it makes it really worth it.”

Some of Fay’s Photos from yesterday:

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