Name: Lucas Wollenman

Home university:  Michigan State University

Internship placement: Fish & Game New Zealand 

“ I still tell so many stories to my friends here about my New Zealand trip and have actually discussed it on both of my interviews. It is still one of the best trips I have ever taken!”

Lucas and friends showing their Michigan and Illinois school pride during an overnight site visit to Mount Nicholas High Country Sheep Station


What is your favourite New Zealand memory?


Biggest accomplishment since you participated in the NE&I?

My biggest accomplishment will hopefully be being accepted to medical school in the near future.

What are you doing now in your degree/career?

Right now I’m finishing up my undergraduate degree in physiology, and I’ll be graduating in May.  I am on the tail end of my application process, and will probably be going to medical school in the fall.

What impact has your internship experience had on your personal and professional journeys?

The internship experience was such an awesome experience. Although it was not related strictly to my career goals, it allowed me to work outside in a new culture and develop myself as a working individual. It was easily some of the best time I’ve spent “at work”.

What were the biggest highlights of your Massey National Expedition Experience? 

The highlight of my national expedition experience was definitely the sheep station. The incredible scenery was like something out of a picture book.

What was the biggest challenge of working in NZ? 

The biggest challenge of working in NZ was having to accept how awesome it was. There really wasn’t anything difficult since everyone was so nice the entire trip.

Why would you recommend NE&I to future students? I would recommend the NE&I to other students because you will make memories that you will never forget starting the moment your plane descends into Queenstown.

[Note from NE&I staff – each of our four programme tracks starts in a different city and follows a different route based on relevant subject matter – check our website for each Expedition route!]


Lucas was part of the 2015 cohort of the Agriculture & Environment track of Massey University’s National Expedition & Internship programme. This track is accepting applications for Summer 2018 until March 15th 2018 – or until spaces fill up! Visit our website for more information.