Name: Tori Reynolds

Home university: University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Internship placement: New Zealand Department of Conservation

“The four-weeks of living a Kiwi life with the internship help you really get a glimpse of what it is like living and working in New Zealand.”


What is your favourite New Zealand memory:

Too many to narrow down! But I would have to say the visiting the hot spring in Rotorua, spending a weekend in Wellington touring the museum and parliament and the touring the Livestock Improvement Corporation in Hamilton.

Biggest accomplishment since NEI?


What are you doing now in your degree/career?

I am currently a Quality Assurance Supervisor for a poultry company, Pilgrim’s

What impact has your internship experience had on your personal and professional journeys?

It has definitely made me want to continue to travel and explore new cultures. It has also made me want to explore the similarities and difference between care and processing of food animals in different countries and how those countries can learn from each other to better strengthen the agricultural community in the US and abroad.

What were the biggest highlights of your Massey National Expedition Experience?

There were so many, it’s hard to narrow it down! Some of them were the 2 week tour you get of the country, you got to see how many different subcultures make the larger culture of the Kiwi’s, spending the evening at the Sheep Station though cold was amazing. The view of the Milky Way at night was mesmerizing. The vineyard and brewery tours ending up being on a perfect day. The four weeks of living a Kiwi life with the internship help you really get a glimpse of what it is like living and working in New Zealand.

What was the biggest challenge of working in NZ?

The biggest challenge was knowing that I would have to go back at some point!

Why would you recommend NE&I to future students?

Everyone at Massey and all the amazing people we worked with and encountered there were so amazing and welcoming, it felt like being at home almost immediately. They made the transition very smooth, though the time change made the 1st week very exhausting to get adjusted too.


Tori was part of the 2014 pilot cohort of the Agriculture & Environment track of Massey University’s National Expedition & Internship programme. This track is accepting applications for Summer 2018 until March 15th 2018 – or until spaces fill up! Visit our website for more information.